The Fair Elections Fund

OBJECTIVE: Electing legislators that actually represent the People.


This plan for publicly funded Federal elections links individual SSN IRS tax filers (apx. 145MM) who put $7.00 or more per year into the fund, and Registered Voters who vote (largely the same people), with candidates who fund their campaigns through this program only. It operates alongside independent First Amendment-protected campaign financing practices that do not use public funds.

Rather than fundraising, prospective candidates obtain Supporting Signatures from thousands of Registered Voters in each jurisdiction—Congressional and Presidential elections—in order to qualify for the program. They pay a $5,000 enrollment fee to the FEC and submit monthly expense reports that disclose how they spent the public’s money. There is a way for the public to contact these candidates with ideas and opinions. Candidates receive the same amount of money for every Registered Voter in each periodic distribution. A separate set of Electors vote in accordance with the 12th and 23rd Amendments. These Congressional "winners" may be removed from office for violating the rules or exceeding their allotted distributions. The publicly funded runner-up then takes that seat.

If you want a real Representative Democracy, you must fund it.

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The candidate with the most votes wins.

Approval Voting ballot